“Since last year, the price of flowers are rising very quickly”


Earlier this month, Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai took place in China. Over 700 exhibitors from 18 countries promoted their products and services and Dutch breeding company Armada was also present and was very pleased with the reactions they received and are very optimistic for this year. Together with Agnes Xu, Marketing Manager at the Armada China branch, we look back at the show and the developments in the market. 

Market developments in China
Since last year, the price of flowers are rising very quickly, Xu explains. “The price of normal pot Chrysanthemum in Chinese Sweeping Day (April 4) is almost double than last year. We think there are two reasons, one is flower growers are becoming less due to last year’s COVID-19 condition; the other is, when the COVID-19 is thoroughly controlled this year, the demands of flowers put at home are stimulated. So after holidays like Chinese New Year’s day, Valentine’s day, Women’s Day and Sweeping day, we expect the demand for flowers to increase.” And when looking at this year, she is optimistic as well. “We expect the market of horticulture will keep at a very optimistic level in this year.”  

New products on display
In this year’s IPM presented a new series of Chrysanthemum–Tula Series, named “Valentine’s Chrysante”, and Xu is happy with the reactions. “We got much positive feedback about this as vigorous growth and completed colors.” Also their Pico Series received a lot of interest from online buyers. “With more developing for the online business, the pursuit of the younger generation is now more for bijou size instead of big pot of normal wholesaling channel,” she says. And to satisfy the continuous demand of new varieties, Armada China brought five new varieties of Cut Chrysanthemum varieties which they presented at the IPM show as well. “All five have have a great performance in the nursery in Kunming.”

Clockwise: Cut mums, Tula series, Pot mum diamond series, Pico series.

Some more pictures of the Armada booth and the visitors:

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