See the world’s biggest tropical greenhouse at Venice architecture biennale 2021


At this year’s Venice architecture biennale, visitors will be able to take a first look at tropicalia — what is set to be the world’s largest tropical greenhouse under a single dome. Presented by Zuecca projects, the exhibition will display architectural models, drawings, sketches, and videos of the proposed greenhouse. ‘Tropicalia– architecture, materials, innovative systems’ is curated by Alessandro Possati, director of Zuecca projects, and Thomas Coldefy, architect and principal of Coldefy, the practice behind the ambitious project. 

Designed by Coldefy & Zssociés, tropicalia is set to be constructed in 2024 on the Côte d’Opale in northern France. the massive greenhouse proposes to immerse visitors in a tropical environment measuring 20,000 sqm and topped with a 35-meter-tall dome. An indoor ventilated temperature of 26°C will accommodate a diverse range of birds, butterflies, fish, reptiles, and exotic plants, fauna, and flora.

The huge domed greenhouse structure is designed to integrate with its environment by the absence of internal load-bearing columns. A double dome design is conceived to provide optimal thermal isolation while the entire building is developed to be energy self-sufficient; all the heat produced by the greenhouse’s effect will be recycled and stocked, and the surplus energy will be exported via a heat network into buildings and surrounding businesses.

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