Review of Selecta one’s exhibition at Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai


Selecta one exhibited at Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai and reassured the importance of exhibitions and sharing face to face experiences with customers.

For 3 days Selecta one showed case the cut and pot assortment for different crops, but most importantly was able to “reconnect” face to face, share know-how, product information and continue to build trust in the growing market with existing and new clients. 

Skyfamily Petunia Nightsky 

The 23rd edition of the Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai took place from April 15-17, 2021. The 3-day event was busy and the best scenario to showcase Selecta’s main highlights after a long period with no shows for the industry. “It´s with great hope that we organized this show, knowing our team was going be able to meet again and share face to face experiences after such a long time was very motivating and place our hopes up,” says Daniela Navarro Marketing Manager for Selecta Cut Flowers.

Due to travel restrictions, the event was hosted only with the Selecta China team. “Shows are a great place to meet new customers and interact with already established ones. Virtually has given us the opportunity to connect during this difficult time, but building strong and long-term relationships require more than emails, virtual phone calls, or regular follow-ups, it takes time and trust, and having this in-person interaction is necessary,” says Tianli Zhang Area Manager for Selecta China.

Cut flowers carnation 

Selecta´s main eyecatchers at Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai 2021:

Kiwi Collection 
‘Provocative at first sight’ the barbatus Kiwi collection offers a whole universe that inspires not only the trade, but also florist and end consumers. Kiwi Mellow, Kiwi Boom, Kiwi Cherry, and Kiwi Chocolate are varieties with no petals. Instead, they boast distinctive green hairs with different sizes, colours, and characteristics, making them the perfect option to choose from. Kiwi varieties stand out thanks to their full round shape, colour, texture, stem development, and height. “We knew we had a great product with interesting characteristics that were lacking in the market especially regarding shape and colour and we got it right… the response has been incredible.” Daniela Navarro Marketing Manager for Selecta Cut Flowers.

One in Dianthus:
One in Dianthus embodies Selecta’s claim of being number one for cut and pot carnations in the entire carnation market. As the world’s leading breeder and marketer of carnations, Selecta also continues to live up to this claim with an attractive product range, regular innovations, and consumer-orientated marketing activities.

One in Dianthus stands for pot and cut carnations, for the combination of tradition and modernity, for organic growth and acquisitions, for a broad and deep range of pot carnations, for tried-and-tested series, successful individual products, well-known classics and exciting innovations, milestones in the market and emotive marketing concepts.

Pink Kisses:
Pink Kisses is the success story of the carnation market. This variety launched a new generation of pot carnations and became a brand all of its own within a very short time thanks to its unique flower shape and beautiful pink, slightly fragrant flowers. In addition to its striking appearance, the Pink Kisses variety has excellent cultivation characteristics, is easy to produce, and promises excellent durability. It is just as tempting when placed at the point of sale and makes a great gift for others – or a treat for yourself! For several years, Selecta one has been communicating not only to gardeners and resellers, but also directly to end consumers. Selecta one thereby links and emotionalizes its successful pot carnation with the theme of girlhood friendship. ( 

Each flower a little universe – Under the SKYfamily concept, Selecta one brings together the entire range of their Petunias with star patterns. The story of the legendary Petunias started with NightSky. In the meantime, the breeding company has launched more impressive Petunia varieties with a unique flower pattern: the noble Royal Sky with a bright purple flower pattern. Other varieties are Lavender Sky and Lightning Sky. Glacier Sky with its long, overhanging growth at the consumer completes the AlpeTunia assortment. And a nice color addition to the Bonnie family is the dark Mystery Sky with fine light spots. Whether untrimmed for early flowering in standard pot sizes, from T10.5 to T13 cm, single-colored or in combined colors in a container or hanging baskets, the SkyPetunias always cut a good figure and ensure maximum attention at the POS.

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