Rapid City Greenhouse spends Earth Day planting thousands of flower plugs


The Rapid City Greenhouse is hard at work this Earth Day as they started planting thousands of flower plugs to prepare for the summer season.

While 10,000 flowers are grown from seed in the greenhouse itself, the plugs are delivered from Colorado, Kentucky, and California. They are then transported to four-pack trays and nurtured by the greenhouse until they are ready to be planted in city parks all over Rapid City.

“This year ill have a full crew of around 20 people. We have to measure things and line things out and get the designs right. It’s a process that will take around 3-4 weeks to finish planting,” said John Bergland the greenhouse specialist. Bergland is thankful for a full crew after having a small crew of 5 last year due to the Pandemic.

The community can expect to see multiple flowers in their parks this year including zinnias, marigolds, and salvias. Bergland hopes to begin planting the week before Memorial Day, weather permitting. 

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