New study reveals florist salaries have increased by 54% in 2021


A new study by Paymentsense has found that florists are among the highest salary increase for jobs. Paymentsense also analysed job boards across the U.K. and search trends to pinpoint exactly where these increases were happening and what industries are hiring the most for remote work. 

Over the past year, the job market has changed a lot, with more importance placed on key workers while much of the public have discovered that they can work remotely from home. This study delves into how the market has changed during the pandemic.

Florist salaries have increased by 53.88%

Florists are among one of highest salary increases in 2020, ranking second with an increase of 53.88%, taking the average advertised pay from £28,455 January 2020 to £43,786 in January 2021.

Over the last year, due to COVID, a large majority of the world has been unable to see their loved ones, and have had to think of alternative ways to reach out and show their love from online deliveries to a bouquet of flowers. 

Searches for florist jobs have increased by 143.38% in the last year

Florists are among the top 10 most increased job searches within the last year, ranking second with a 143.38% increase, followed closely by Civil Servant with 136.36% increase, and Farmers at an  133.33% increase. 

As weddings and celebrations begin to come back into normality, the need for floral arrangements are in demand again.

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