New Holland is aiming at breaking the 32 million record


The governor of Leningrad region, Mr. Aleksander Drozdenko has visited the greenhouse complex New Holland, located in Volkhovsky district, reported the press service of the governor and the government of Leningrad region.

Mr. Drozdenko has noted that every rose in the greenhouse is special and reminded that the enterprise produced 32.4 million roses last year, which makes it a biggest rose nursery in Russia. This year, New Holland are aiming at reaching 35 million pieces of produce.

Apart from roses, New Holland are planning to invest in chrysanthemum production. New greenhouse with the overall acreage of 6 ha could produce 16 million pieces a year.

It is worth noting that New Holland is one of the three major rose producers of Leningrad region. Once the chrysanthemum project is completed, it would make the region a champion in flower production.



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