Mycorrhizal Applications introduces two new products for Christmas tree cultivation


Mycorrhizal Applications has launched two unique new products for the Christmas tree industry. MycoApply Injector Ecto mycorrhizal inoculant is ideal for Christmas tree production, with a highly concentrated formula that can be applied in a variety of methods either at planting or in the field for existing stands. ConShape PGR is a new product produced by industry leader Valent BioSciences that is used to control leader growth of Christmas trees as a substitute for mechanical pruning.

MycoApply Injector Ecto contains a blend of five genera of ectomycorrhizal fungi in a highly concentrated formulation ideal for application via injector systems, liner dip, bare root spray or irrigation. With ultimate diversity in ectomycorrhizal species and efficiency and flexibility in application options, MycoApply Injector Ecto sets a new industry standard for mycorrhizal inoculant products for use in Christmas tree farms.

ConShape is intended to control leader growth of Christmas trees as a substitution for manual leader pruning. With ConShape, central leaders cease growth a few days after application and retain the full number of buds on the leader, resulting in a denser and more attractive branching in the following year. ConShape contains a naturally occurring plant growth regulator, S-abscisic acid (S-ABA), as the active ingredient. Although this product is new for the US, its technology has been used in Europe successfully for several years.

Both of these new technologies are available from Mycorrhizal Applications’ US Distribution Network. You can find a distributor in your region using the Mycorrhizal Applications Distributor Map:



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