Minnesota florist shares bounty of color with nursing home residents


The last year has been challenging for many, especially those in senior living communities where contact with others has been severely limited because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and communal activities are just now resuming.

That’s why Pine River’s Sherwood Florist chose to do what it could to simply brighten the lives of the Pine River Good Samaritan Society residents. Madeline Richards has a whole table of flowers at her residence. While arranging a vase of flowers Friday, April 9 she discussed with Activity Director Jody Wilson where she should put her new arrangement.  

“Instead of throwing them away we just give them to them so they can have flowers and brighten their day,” said Shaylee Sherwood, of Sherwood Florist. “We just figured during this time they couldn’t see a lot of their family, especially when it first started. We thought it would be nice to boost their mood because it’s kind of a sad time.”

On Fridays each week, the florist receives new flowers and would traditionally discard stock that was getting older. Since November those flowers have been going to a good cause.

Instead of discarding them, Sherwood Florist gives them to the nursing home, not only providing color during the long, extra dour winter, but giving some residents a pleasing activity. Since November, a small group of residents has been gathering each week to make flower arrangements from the donated blooms.

For one of the regular flower arrangers, the event has been a blast from the past, as she used to arrange flowers for a living. Her family requested her name not be printed; however, she was arranging flowers with intense focus when flowers were delivered Friday.

“Everybody lights up when they see these flowers,” said Good Sam Activity Director Jody Wilson. “The staff likes it too. Sometimes we have so many we just put them on the staff’s desks in the hallway so everybody can see when they go by. Everybody seems to like flowers. It makes them feel special getting something delivered.”

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