Greenhouses prepare for a busy season and highlight benefits during pandemic


As spring-like temperatures arrive in southern Alberta, local greenhouses around Lethbridge are busy preparing for the upcoming season.

Lethbridge has seen above seasonal temperatures over the last month and local greenhouses say people are itching to get outside and start planting. Greenhouses have been busy planting seeds, bringing in soil amendments, and trying to time everything perfectly with the weather.

Dustin Napper, Horticulturalist at Green Haven Garden Centre, says they are quickly preparing the greenhouse for the season but reminds people it is still too early to start planting. “A lot of people are excited with the warm weather right now, but we’re still a couple weeks away before people should start thinking about planting.”

Greenhouses are also anticipating a busy season. The pandemic has made a lot of people focus on their homes, with many wanting to create outdoor living space. Erich Dyck, Owner of Country Blooms Garden Centre, says his last season was great and he’s hoping to have a repeat this spring, with COVID-19 protocols remaining in place.

Napper says he has seen an increase of people trying out new trends that have been populating different social media platforms. “A big trend right now is vegetables and trying to grow your own garden. Having the ability to know how your food is grown and where it comes from has become a popular interest over the last year.”

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