Gold star for panicled hortensia with best shelf life


The Living Pinky Promise from Alex Schoemaker (Living Creations) received a prize from Royal FloraHolland last week. The panicle hydrangea was awarded for its fantastic shelf life, the best, according to the jury.

Not unimportant, given the route from grower to consumer; a marathon in which the endurance of the plant is put to the test. The Hydrangea pan. Living Pinky Promise from Living Creations has that endurance.

Evelyn Beckers (Royal FloraHolland), Alex Schoemaker (Living Creations)

In addition to the long shelf life, the Hydrangea pan. Living Pinky Promise stands out, according to Alex, is known for leathery dark green leaves and sturdy flowers that change from white to pink. “It is a very strong and reliable product: guaranteed a flower on every branch.”

The result of the Living Pinky Promise does not just come from anywhere, says Alex. “It is the result of years of breeding.”

Hydrangea paniculata Living Pinky Promise in the Test Center of Living Creations

In addition to the Living Pinky Promise, thirteen other new Living Creations cultivars have been launched on the market. “An army of extremely strong panicle hydrangeas”, says Alex. “They are all easy to maintain, frost resistant and guaranteed 100 days of flowering.”

In order to be able to continue to improve the range and to focus on the current market, the Living Creations breeding program continues to run. The focus remains on the aforementioned strengths.

From left to right: Evelyn Beckers (Royal FloraHolland), Cees Luling (Royal FloraHolland), Michel Verbeek (Royal FloraHolland), Sandra Vijverberg (Magical Hydrangea), Lendert de Vos (Lendert de Vos), Leendert van Muijlwijk (P van Geest), Alex Schoemaker (Living Creations).

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