Gibraltar growing and processing companies unify as Prospiant


With the acquisition of six brands in the horticultural and cannabis value chain, NASDAQ-listed Gibraltar Industries has gained a significant position in the Northern American Controlled environment growing and processing industry. Starting from today, they will operate in the market under one name: Prospiant. “With the launch of our new brand Prospiant, we’re bringing all our experiences together to serve customers holistically,” says Prospiant group president Mark Dunson.

This new company unites the products and services of Apeks Supercritical, Delta Separations, Nexus Greenhouse Systems, Rough Brothers, Inc. (RBI), Tetra, and ThermoEnergy Solutions (TES). “We’re a local player that brings decades of knowledge together to help the growing CEA market for growing fruits and vegetables, as well as a supplier of custom greenhouses for research, education, and retail. We are also the only provider of soil-to-oil cannabis ecosystems globally with technologies for the cultivation, extraction, and refinement of cannabinoids,” Mark says.

Over the last 6 years, the renowned, US-based construction company Gibraltar has grown to be a significant player in the greenhouse industry. It started back in 2015 with the acquisition of Rough Brothers, a US-based designer and installer of greenhouses, conservatories, and related control systems. The RBI group of companies also includes Linx, National Greenhouse, Delta T Solutions, XS Smith, and Golden Pacific Structures. “We identified the greenhouse growing space as one where we could utilize our industrial experience to bring value to customers and products. At the same time, we wanted to help to improve society through greenhouse growing,” Mark Dunson, Group President of Prospiant says. “We’ve seen the North American growth of indoor growing and the benefits it brings to consumers: reducing the impact on the environment, the use of natural resources, and the transportation costs. Then, as a second trend, the legalization of cannabis was coming, enabling a natural set of pharmaceutical options, and we believed these new companies could benefit from the knowledge on indoor growing. We saw this happening on top of the base greenhouse business that has been serving the institutional industry: including floral growers.”

Between 2015 and today they expanded their reach in the horticultural industry with the acquisition of Nexus Corporation, a Colorado-based designer and manufacturer of greenhouse systems with a strong position in traditional crops and in the newly developing cannabis market, and Thermo Energy Systems, a Canada based supplier specialized in the large scale produce growing. “The acquisition of three companies originating from different markets gives us a broad perspective to consult and help customers with the best suited solutions.”

In the cannabis market, the company further established a foothold: with the startup of Tetra Indoor Grow, (fully integrated indoor cannabis grow systems), the acquisition of Delta Separations, a US-based provider of ethanol and solventless extraction systems and refinement technologies, and the acquisition of Apeks Supercritical, providing CO2 extraction technologies.

“We have had a mindset to be a holistic technology provider with a full-service greenhouse solution offer. By now we can present a complete portfolio of businesses and experiences to serve in a broader way than the individual businesses could. As a collective, we’re more than as individuals,” says Mark.

“As a complete solutions provider in controlled environment agriculture technology, we enable customers with their business objectives. In the process of building a turnkey growing and extracting company, we can help with the planning & design of the facility, technology, construction, and integration of the whole facility. When the customer enters the building on the first day of operation, it’s ready.”

Mark explains how this can help the investors showing interest in the horticultural industry, as they want to get up to speed quickly and are looking for a local, financially stable, full-service partner. “Our specialists can provide customers with a turnkey package, from plant to product, to mitigate risks and maximize return on investment. Also, the multi-state operations that are being set up in the cannabis industry are becoming more uniform in how they think of their technology choices. With a broad reach, we can help them.”

“With Prospiant we’ve created a new face to show the direction that we’re headed with a more holistic solution. Then at the same time, the heritage, reputation, and brand foundation are still the same. The same people, the same technologies and the same 185 years of experience are all supporting Prospiant now as we continue to advance to be a stronger partner to our customer.”

“The brand will represent how people are increasingly thinking of their growing business. In the past, it was leaning towards a farm. Now we see companies having an advanced technology-driven approach. We are the all-round, local partner for them.”

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