Flower shops are scrambling to meet the demand


Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and flower shops are scrambling to meet the demand. “We’re doing everything that we can. We’ve got extra staff and extra delivery drivers coming in,” says Tom Wolfe, the President of Wolfe Wholesale Florist.

Mother’s Day is usually one of their busier holidays – but according to Wolfe, every day over the past year has been a busy one.

“In March, when the pandemic started in the U.S. up until Mother’s Day, sales were down dramatically across the whole industry. When Mother’s Day hit, everybody just went crazy. And they thought it was a great idea to send flowers to people they couldn’t see, which is true, and they’ve just kind of stuck with that. It’s been great for business,” says Wolfe.

“Business has gotten much better since the pandemic. I think any florist you speak with would say their sales are up dramatically over the past year,” says Wolfe.

“All the volume has been up across the board. Even in the summer, when our industry typically slows down. Last summer, we did not see a slow down at all, which was great. Most florists would tell you they lose money in the summertime. We were able to capitalize on the increased volume and get a stronger base going into the next year. We hope it continues this summer, as well,” says Wolfe.

Wofle says the biggest obsticle in the way of Mother’s Day flower sales this year is Mother Nature. “The weather is pretty much terrible in all of our growing regions,” says Wolfe.

He hopes everyone will make sure their mom knows they’re loved and appriciated. “You definitely want to get your orders in early to show mom that you care, and that you love her, and you appreciate everything you’ve done for her over the last year,” says Wolfe.

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