flower business severely hit by COVID-19 second wave


The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been claiming thousands of lives on a daily basis in India, has severely impacted the business of flower growers in West Bengal’s West Midnapore.

“There is no sale of flowers and I am facing a huge loss. Although the cultivation of flowers has been good this year, there is no market,” says a flower grower.

Flower farmers say they grow flowers with the hope they will be able to sell them during festivals, marriage ceremonies and other occasions in Boishakh (first month in the Bengali calendar) but a surge in the number of COVID-19 cases has badly hit their business.

“Now farmers are not even getting the price which they have invested for flower cultivation. On the other hand, flower sellers are also facing trouble as there are limited buyers in the market. Many are cancelling events and ceremonies so the orders are getting cancelled,” added another flower gardener.

Dilip Kumar Maity, a floriculturist said, “We are facing a huge loss as there is no market and no sale of flowers. A huge quantity of flowers is there in the market but there are no buyers. I am losing money on expenses. My flower yield has been higher in this Boishakh but the market has been bad since then. The rate per flower is now Rs 8 to 10.”

“There is no money in the flowers that have been cultivated. If any facility or help is given by the government then that will be helpful. Cultivation yield is good but there is no money,” Manik Chalak, a flower farmer said.

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