Florensis organizes event: Solutions Summer


This summer Florensis expands their online Solutions with the Solutions Summer, where customers can experience all the latest highlights and novelties in real life.

Starting from week 24 until week 35, customers of Florensis now have the possibility to make their Solutions experience complete by visiting the Solutions Summer. During this event Florensis will open their show garden at the Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht (NL) location all summer long, so that their customers see and feel all the latest highlights and novelties. By this Florensis strictly follows the government’s directions concerning the pandemic.

“It is the event where our customers can see our products in real life to make their Solution experience complete,” Hagen Kalläne, Manager Retail & Marketing.

Florensis Solutions is a selection of the best Florensis products (based on market potential, consumer trends, and of course with a growers’ best interest in mind). Florensis presents those products in ready-made brands and concepts, to make their customers’ lives easier. After the catalog and a successful website with several product updates, the Solutions now have an addition of a physical event, which allows the customer to make their experience more complete. 

Registration can be done via the website. 

For more information:
Langeweg 77-85
3342 LD Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht
The Netherlands



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