ErfGoed builds local presence in the United States


ErfGoed is excited to announce Jack Ford to the role of Sales Manager USA. Jack will work to strengthen the company’s presence of the unique ErfGoedFloors & Erfgoed Irrigation Systems to growers in the United States.

Jack Ford is now Sales Manager USA for ErfGoed

ErfGoed CEO Hugo Paans says: “Jack brings a lifetime of work in the horticulture industry with a commercial grower background and over 20 years of sales & consulting with growers to help improve their        operations. This strategic step in the further expansion of our business in the USA will even more tighten the relationship we built over the last years with our customers and business partners. Jack will be travelling through the country, visiting growers and supporting them in their own language and time zones. His in-depth industry knowledge and thorough understanding of today’s challenges for growers are instrumental for our customers.”                

* Pictured: Hugo Paans

Jack, having a great network in the industry and operating from his office in Ohio, looks forward to join the ErfGoed company. “I am really excited to build on the work that ErfGoed has done in North America and introduce the benefits of the ErfGoedFloor systems to a broader range of growers. I’m committed to the company’s further growth in the United States.” 

For more information:
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2751 GH Moerkapelle
T +31 (0)79 593 38 00


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