EMF and Alkemade International complement each other


Since 2004, EMF (Ethiopian Magical Farms) produces carnations in Ethiopia. This is done in the highlands at an altitude of 2.500 meter, which provides for a very intensive color and premium quality. The carnations are grown indoor in tunnels, on an area of ​​40 hectares with about 700 employees. The climate in Ethiopia is ideal for the cultivation of carnations, the whole year-round.

While the carnation may previously have had a somewhat dusty image, this has turned for the better in recent years. Due to innovation in breeding, the use of new colors and the improvement of the vase life, carnations are certainly appreciated by the market.

EMF currently produces about 24 million stems a year, all of which are exported to the Netherlands. These are flown to Aalsmeer 6 times a week via Ethiopian Airlines, where Alkemade International processes the carnations, prepares them for the auction process, and takes care of direct sales. There is also a thorough quality check in both Ethiopia and the Netherlands and the flowering process is monitored in a flowering room. The range consists of more than 40 varieties and is available in lengths from 50 to 70 cm. EMF is Global Gap certified. Every year, new varieties are added to the range, based on input and wishes from the market.


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