Ellepot and PlantPaper join forces in merger


Ellepot and PlantPaper are joining forces to form the Ellepot Group on a mission to reduce the use of plastics in the plant propagation process by providing game-changing systems to the global market. 

“Both companies share the same mission; providing environmentally sustainable propagation solutions to our customers. This makes the merger an obvious and strong decision. As industry leaders, we will be able to invest further in a broader and better product and service portfolio for the benefit of growers and other customers in the industry,” says Lars Steen Pedersen, CEO of Ellepot.

“Present on five continents, with 18 partners and sales to more than 120 countries, Ellepot Group is determined to be the industry leader in paper pot technologies.”

Ellepot and PlantPaper both develop and produce propagation systems consisting of customised machines, specially developed papers, and trays for growers worldwide for the production of paper pots. The two companies will now merge as the Ellepot Group.

Lars Steen Pedersen will remain CEO of the new Ellepot Group


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