Dutch tulips for Ukrainian medical professionals


Jennes de Mol, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine, presented 600 pots with beautiful Dutch tulips to the employees of Oleksandrivska hospital and Kyiv clinical hospital #6 on the 27th of  April 2021.

This action took place on Kingsday and was aimed to show appreciation for the hard work of Ukrainian medical staff during the Covid-19 pandemic. The burden on the medical sector is growing every day and the Netherlands wants to show its moral support to healthcare workers. The Embassy deems that the celebration of Kingsday, which is this year different from usual because of COVID-19, is a good occasion to honor the important and essential efforts of the medical professionals who are fighting the pandemic.

“The long-term goal of the efforts of the Netherlands in Ukraine is to strengthen stability, security, and prosperity in the country. We would like to support those who are in the front line: by honoring medical workers who fight day and night to save people’s lives, and by helping Ukraine clear up the mines in Donbas through HALO Trust. We sincerely hope that this gift will help strengthen the morale of hospital staff and encourages Ukrainians to express their gratitude, support and respect to healthcare workers even more often,” said Jennes de Mol, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Ukraine.

In combating the covid pandemic, the Netherlands does not only offer moral support to Ukraine. It has participated in providing test kits and vaccines to Ukraine, as well as giving financial support to monitor domestic covid developments. The Netherland will also donate protective gear to those Ukrainians working in high covid risk environments.

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