Dried flower demand changed due to pandemic


HJ, the founder of the Little Ant Store, a UK-based dried flower label, has noticed a development in the demand for dried flowers as a result of the pandemic. She explains: “People have become far more aware of the environment, particularly over the last year with the pandemic. The majority of people are more interested in purchasing dried flowers which are not only sustainable but will last many more months, even years, than fresh flowers.” Accordingly, a recent BCG survey, which surveyed 3,000 people, showed that “70% of survey participants said they were more aware now than before COVID-19 that human activity threatens the climate and that degradation of the environment, in turn, threatens humans.” 

Influence of the economic climate 
In addition, HJ has noticed that people are also keen to spend less due to the economic climate. “Clients are prepared to buy bigger bunches for use in their own home as it is a more economical way to style their spaces.” As a result, Little Ant Store is about to launch larger bunches of dried flowers, which can be bought “without the fear of deterioration that occurs with fresh flowers,” HJ adds.

Even the requested manner of delivering the flowers has undergone development. “With shops being closed during the pandemic, the majority of people are now buying online and looking for gifts that can be delivered whilst they are not at home. Hence an increased demand for post box-friendly deliveries,” HJ explains.

Creating a business conforming to the changing demand
As a result of the changing demand, Little Ant Store is commited to a greener world – they use natural resources, sustainable produce, thermal printing, and non-plastic packaging. All of the flowers have been carefully sourced to ensure it has minimal impact on the environment and promotes the health of our planet, and Little Ant Store works with eco-friendly suppliers who carefully assess all of their products. 

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