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It’s time for celebration at FreshPortal, because last week the Firma Klein from Roelofarendsveen was welcomed as the 300th user of the FreshPortal EAB software and this week the 100,000th auction letter was launched via FreshPortal EAB with Floriday link. A double milestone for the company.

With a delicious cake, the celebration at Firma Klein as the 300th FreshPortal EAB user were further underlined. A gift much appreciated by grower Herman Klein and his brothers René and Fred. Firma Klein, which specialises in the cultivation of tulips, perennials and summer flowers, was a satisfied AntEater EAB user for many years. However, AntEater has ceased operations and direct auctioning in Floriday with their type of business operations turned out not to be feasible. The choice for the user-friendly successor to AntEater, FreshPortal EAB Floriday, was quickly made. This software package is similar to AntEater, but has been given a more modern look. The Klein Firm can easily create auction letters without errors in Floriday. The super handy photo module in the software package is an extra bonus!

100,000th auction letter
Another milestone is the successful launch of the 100,000th auction letter in Floriday with the FreshPortal EAB software. “We have been able to save many suppliers a lot of time, costs and frustration with this software solution,” says director Robin Jongkind. “Because just like with AntEater, you can create error-free auction letters in Floriday in an instant with FreshPortal EAB. The operating principle is the same: fill in the auction letter, send it and you’re done. Especially the completeness of the EAB software appeals to users. Included as standard are the creation and sending of auction and connect letters, mail module, revenue module and a super handy photo module. How complete do you want it? In the meantime, FreshPortal is moving on to the next milestone!”

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