Discover the Addenda Campanula in-house trade fair online


At the end of March, Addenda opened the campanula season with a three-day in-house trade fair. During this in-house trade fair, customers could visit the Campanula Show Days by appointment. For customers who have not had the opportunity to visit the campanula show days of Addenda, Addenda presents a digital video series online. In this video series you will meet Ellen Damen, marketing communication coordinator at Growers Association Addenda. Ellen tells you in 4 short videos everything about Addenda, Campanulas Adansa and Ambella and the differences between these two varieties.

DIY video to build an attractive plant presentation with Campanula Addenda
For the garden centers and flower shops, Addenda has made two handy DIY videos explaining how to build an attractive shelf presentation for Campanula Adansa and Ambella presented with the new Addenda POS material.

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