Digital showroom to see Selecta’s cut flowers


With Covid restrictions, limited capacity of visitors, flight restrictions from other countries, Selecta is offering in parallel the Selecta Cut Flowers Dianthus Virtual Tour, a digital showroom that not only showcases the videos and characteristics of newest introductions and bestsellers, but it also links to additional pictures and offers the option to make trial orders or ask for technical advice in real-time allowing the viewer to experience the latest introductions and highlights of the assortment. As if they were presented to them in a real greenhouse with closeups that allow them to detail the flower shape, foliage quality and growing conditions.

Find the link to the Virtual Tour here

“It´s an alternative that will allow visitors to connect with our products; to experience firsthand the numerous varieties of dianthus and evaluate what we have new for them. We are confident this alternative will be very useful not only for customers aboard who weren’t able to visit due to flight restrictions or customers in other locations around the world but also a great tool in the decision making for those who were able to visit allowing them the chance to go back and review with the team what they saw or to share with those team members that weren’t able to visit due to the limited capacity,” says Daniela Navarro, Selecta Cut Flowers Marketing Manager.

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