Despite pandemic challenges, florists are doing better because of Mother’s Day


Some florists, hit hard during the pandemic, are starting to see a bloom in business with Mother’s Day coming up.

Meus Floral explains that the pandemic forced the new business to completely shift their business model. Weddings, baby showers, holiday gatherings were put on hold because of the pandemic. That is when they decided to focus on more daily offerings rather than events.

In the beginning of the health crisis, the flower shop shut down for two months because they couldn’t get any shipments of flowers to come in. Molly Barnes, owner of Meus Floral, says flowers were stuck at wholesalers. Several companies and farmers also reduced their staff and that also impacted its shipments.

Meus Floral says things are turning around. They are already pretty busy for Mother’s Day. Shipments are coming in and they can offer fresh flowers every week.

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