Cold weather causes work and worry for nursery in Carbon County


It looked more like winter than spring in parts of Carbon County. That had workers at Seltzer’s Nursery near Lehighton hauling flowers and plants into the warmth of the greenhouse.

“You have to take everything in and out. Take it out during the day and bring it back in at night to get it hardened off. It’s a lot of extra work,” co-owner Scott Seltzer said.
Mother’s Day is right around the corner; that is one of the busiest times of the year at the nursery. Workers said they are taking every precaution to make sure the flowers don’t flop. “You can’t afford to leave them outside. It only takes a couple of hours in this cold, and they’re done,” co-owner Tim Seltzer said.

Fruit trees are another worry for the nursery with all of the colder weather. Some of the trees have already started blooming. “If it gets frost, that really messes them up. As long as the wind blows and it stays cloudy, we should be alright,” Scott Seltzer said.

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