Campaign to promote the consumption of flowers and plants in Spain and Germany


The live flower and plant producing and marketing sector grouped in Fepex has launched the ‘Europe Blooms: a flower is worth a thousand words’ campaign. The campaign will be held in Spain and Germany for a year, starting this month. Its goal is to inform the public about the benefits of plants and flowers and promote their consumption. The campaign has a total budget of 500,000 euro and will be financed by the European Commission and the sector. It will be developed mainly on social networks, digital television, and video platforms.

The main objective of the campaign is to highlight the positive influence of plants on the physical and psychological well-being of people in their homes, work, and leisure spots. The plants’ essential biological functions – producing oxygen, absorbing carbon dioxide – and the ability of many of them to filter harmful substances dispersed in the environment have a direct impact on the quality of the environment and on people’s state of mind: their presence is relaxing, they reduce anxiety and stress, promote concentration, and improve people’s mood, as shown by various academic studies.

At the interpersonal level, plants allow us to express positive values and feelings, such as love, empathy, gratitude, joy, and solidarity.

The Europe Blooms campaign also aims to boost the demand for flowers and plants in Spain and Germany, one of the main destination countries for Spanish exports, contributing to the recovery of the national sector. The live flowers and plant producing and marketing sector was strongly affected by the closure of the sales establishments due to the COVID pandemic, which made it impossible to market the product.

Joint action of the flower and cut plant sector
Europe Blooms is a joint response of the flower and plant sector grouped in FEPEX, with a presence in the main producing and exporting autonomous communities. It is made up of 8 producing and marketing associations, which bring together more than 800 companies and account for more than 76% of the production and 65% of the Spanish commercialization of live flowers and plants.

Spanish plants and flowers
Ornamental horticulture products account for 3.2% of Spain’s vegetable production. They are grown in approximately 5,300 hectares and have a value of 1,000 million euro at the origin. The main producing communities are Andalusia, the Valencian Community, Catalonia, the Canary Islands, Aragon, Galicia, and Murcia. The production of live plants and flowers is very profitable from a social point of view, as it generates nearly 40,000 jobs.

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