Best practices for coping with supply shortage


For retail florists, the pressure of supply shortages is creating an additional obstacle during the already busy spring season. Administrative Professionals week has increased sales over the past five days and Mother’s Day, graduations, and wedding season are quickly approaching.
According to The Society of American Florists 2021 Spring Holiday Survey, retail florists’ top concerns are: sourcing product, product availability and product shortages. Here’s how they are coping:

Anticipate shortages, order accordingly
With unpredictable flower supplies, florists have become experts at adapting to changing supply conditions. For Mother’s Day, florists are ordering with shortages in mind, purchasing product early and pre-booking more than ever before, including pre-made and drop-in greenery bouquets.

Be flexible 
Overall growers are seeing shorter stems and are recommending that florists take what they can get. Giving your supplier flexibility with color also helps with sourcing and availability. 

Find ways to control the sale 
The secret to navigating current supply chain issues hinges on controlling the process as much as possible. Several survey respondents are aiming to simplify sales by streamlining options, which allows them to control the sale from the start and steer the consumer into the best mutually satisfying transaction. 

Designer’s choice reigns 
Due to continued product supply disruptions, most florists have already shifted to a “new” way of selling flowers by encouraging Designer’s Choice arrangements. This allows for flexibility and the opportunity to move product that’s been sitting. The designer can use the flowers they are able to acquire in a creative way that reflects their brand and clientele.

Stay positive 
Many retailers are expecting increased sales for Mother’s Day 2021 and despite the dynamic nature of supply chains, florists should remain upbeat with customers and in their marketing.

A survey respondent shared that “flowers and plants in general are finally looked at as needed and wanted. And more so from a REAL florist, so I see that as a huge opportunity. We are getting customers who never used a real florist before. If we treat them right, show them fresh product in innovative designs, they will continue to come back.”

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