All sellers close to the roses in new Berg Roses office


Recently, a Hans van der Meijs team has been busy with the construction of a new sales office with toilet areas and a canteen for Berg Roses. The grower wanted to have all sellers close to the roses and to be able to receive customers properly. This has been achieved with the construction.

Ultimately, an office was realized in the top of the cold store. The office has been placed on a storey floor made of a four-meter-high steel construction, the construction team shares. The floor is insulated and the walls are made of sandwich panels so that it could be built quickly and efficiently with the correct insulation value.

The office spaces are neatly finished on the inside with a system ceiling and energy-efficient inverters have been installed for heating and cooling the space.

The entire renovation has been carried out with new and used materials. Berg Roses is happy with the end result. “We have been working very well with the Hans van der Meijs team for years, both in the preliminary phase and during construction. We help to find the right solution, whether it concerns a new building or renovation.”

For more information:
Hans van der Meijs BV
Nieuw Oranjekanaal 85
3151 XL Hoek van Holland
+31 (0)174 25 48 71 


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