A look at Phalaenova’s orchid kitchen


Addie Groen and Stanislav Mora from orchid nursery Phalaenova in Brielle jointly introduce the first “Colourful Matters” vlog today.

Sales manager Addie Groen and Stanislav Mora, Phalaenova assortment manager

According to sales manager Groen, the time was right. “We are very proud of our company and our products. That is why we want to tell our contacts and interested parties more and more about our vision, our constant search for new varieties, the selection procedures we use and the trends in the world that we observe. There is always something new to tell,” says Groen.

While Groen mainly talks about trends and market-oriented topics, Mora takes the viewer along in his search for new species and provides insight into the processes necessary to make certain plants suitable for production.

Both Phalaenova gentlemen will record several vlogs in the coming period and provide more information about possible new varieties and new developments in the market.

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