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‘Enhanced Flowers’ Sounds So Much Better we call it!

[ad_1] Yeah…. you probably already know that when I say enhanced flowers, I mean dyed or colored flowers I don’t like the word ‘dyed’ or ‘colored’ flowers. Or ‘painted’ flowers. Who’s painting? Enhanced flowers sound so much better, don’t you think? Let’s stick to that. They are the trend of the year. I mean, everywhere […]

Nature-Inspired & Glamorous Wedding Designs

[ad_1] Garden style is one of my favorite styles. Inspired by nature, creative, unique, lush, and romantic garden compositions are becoming more and more popular, leaving the ‘niche’ corner, emerging in the spotlight of the floral industry. My clients ask specifically for garden-style wedding designs. Beautiful centerpieces for dining tables and receptions, cascading wedding bouquets, […]

How My Mother’s Wedding Dress Inspired My Rose Chapeau Design

[ad_1] Students from Helicon Education in ‘s Hertogenbosch freely design with roses from Decofresh. In this blog, Isa Buijnsters tells how her mother’s wedding dress inspired her to make this design with rose Chapeau. To Convert a Customer’s Wishes My name is Isa Buijnsters and I live in Bavel, a village near Breda, Netherlands. At […]

Floral Industry Supply Chain Technologies

[ad_1] As it deals with perishable items, the global floral industry can make quality maintenance and availability of products difficult. The smooth function of the global supply chain is the key to this. Consumers expect their flowers to arrive in impeccable condition, even if they’re being imported from countries like Ecuador and Columbia. If you […]