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How We’re Breaking Ground at the New Farm — Flourish Flower Farm

[ad_1] The Foundation: Prepping the Soil + Laying Out Fields Knowing that we wanted to begin planing at the new farm early in 2018, with a goal of fully moving the farming operation by mid-summer, the preparations began long before breaking ground. We planted all of our fall crops like ranunculus, tulips, anemone and cool […]

Pantone Project with Carley of ‘Long Live Simple’ — Flourish Flower Farm

[ad_1] The Interview Me/Niki Irving: Will you tell us a bit about your work, and what the Pantone Project is? Carley Lee: I’m the Creative Director and owner of Long Live Simple, where we offer meaningful, custom design work for customer-driven and thoughtful brands. Most of our clients are entrepreneurs and creatives – I think […]

My Favorite Zinnia Varieties + A Farm Update — Flourish Flower Farm

[ad_1] Despite the expected challenges that too much rain brings – field flooding, fungal diseases, not enough sunlight, soggy feet – the most heartbreaking part for our little farm is that we lost our entire dahlia crop. We planted our 2,000 dahlia tubers on May 1 which is typical for our area. Looking back over […]

Fresh Color Palette Inspiration — Flourish Flower Farm

[ad_1] Flowers include: Tangerine tulips + gladiolus, romantic antique garden roses, antique carnations, swamp lily & distant drums roses When the bride described her color palette as tangerine, watermelon, butterscotch and olive with possible pops of dark pink, blue, ivory and the style as “a bohemian, country garden aesthetic with celtic, viking and hippie vibes,” […]

Favorite Sources for Seeds, Supplies, etc. — Flourish Flower Farm

[ad_1] FLOWER FOOD PACKETS + HOLDING SOLUTION: Chrysal Chrysal and Floralife are the two big flower food companies. I won’t get into the specifics of why flower food works, but it does! I use the Chrysal #2 Transport and Display solution for almost everything because I’m harvesting at the proper stage and then getting my […]

Late Summer Harvest on the Flower Farm — Flourish Flower Farm

[ad_1] Late last summer, I had the privilege of meeting husband & wife team Luke and Kristine Porter. Luke and Kristine are photographer/videographers based in Utah and they were here in Asheville shooting a wedding. They joined me one foggy morning on the farm at harvest time and Luke just brightened my day by sending […]