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Floral Industry Insight 2021 – Florist Survey Results – Floranext

[ad_1] Have prices increased for your floral business? Floranext surveyed 311 florists to get a sense if industry prices are increasing and affecting business. Here are the top 4 things things you need to know! Florists have seen flower prices increase over the past 6 months – Over 98% of florists are reporting flower price […]

Florist Memes – What It Means To Be A Florist – Floranext

[ad_1] Day in and day out, the life of a florist can become repetitious and a bit stressful. To break up the cycle, sometimes we like to run to humor for a bit of relief.  Image via Instagram @missfowerhunter Image via Instagram @weddingplannerprobs   Flowers Can Fix Everything… Most of the Time No matter what […]

Floral Murals – Flower Shop Marketing Magic – Floranext

[ad_1] Flower shops across the country have started using floral murals and flower graffiti to bring attention to their business. They can offer a great tool to grab attention, show off a shop’s unique identity, and engage your community.    Image via @hustonmuralspot – Instagram Floral Murals – Floral Marketing That Pays for Itself Firstly, […]

Flower Shop Pet Floranext – Florist Websites, Floral POS, Floral Software

[ad_1] WHO WON THE FLOWER SHOP PET CONTEST? We know how much love florists bring to the world, so it’s not surprising their pets would show off this love as well! The winner of the contest wins the Floranext Wedding/Event Proposal app for 1 year.  The Adorable Contestants We created a survey and had dozens of […]

Florist eCommerce Website Analytics Florist Blog by FloraNext

[ad_1] If you’ve created a florist eCommerce website, then paying attention to metrics can help you grow and improve. In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know when starting your own florist eCommerce website from setting up your dashboard to measuring your growth. Setting up your dashboard You can’t have a florist eCommerce […]

Is Your Flower Shop Ready for Valentine’s Day?

[ad_1] For florists Valentine’s Day is more than a single day! Between online orders, deliveries, walk-ins and more the whole experience can become overwhelming. However, with a little preparation, you can set yourself up for success.  @lewismillerdesign 3 Weeks Prior  Three weeks before Valentine’s Day is all about marketing and getting the word out. Preferably, […]